Café menu

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam
125 kr.

Smoked salmon, dill and horseradish sauce, potatoes
169 kr.

Prime rib hamburger with cheddar
cheese & french fries

159 kr.

Schnitzel with french fries and bearnaise sauce

175 kr.

Stuffed cabbage with potatoes, lingonberry jam

and cream sauce

139 kr.

Shrimp salad with dressing and bread

139 kr.

Zucchini cutlet with roasted vegetables, ratatouille (veg)

155 kr.

Vegetarian burger with cheddar cheese, french fries (veg lakto-ovo)

155 kr.
Wallenberger burger with mashed potatoes, sliced butter and lingonberry jam
165 kr.

Meatballs or Panncakes - children size 

69 kr.

Hamburger with french fries och bread - children size 

79 kr.


Served again in April 2022 week days 11,30-15,00 and weekends 12.00-17.00. Several dishes are/can be lactose or gluten-free.

No reservation is needed for this menu.

Bus menu 2021

Book in advance by the bus company


Choose one of the following alternatives:

1. Smoked salmon with dill sauce and horseradish sauce and boiled potatoes

2. Cabbage rolls with cream sauce, lingonberries and boiled potatoes


Price: Call for reservation and price information


The price includes table services, drink, coffee and biscuits


Rood and tables must be reserved in advance

Daily menu

Returns 4th of April

Weekend menu

Served on weekends again from May 2022
BBQ pork fillet with pepper sauce, bearnaise sauce and french fries
189 kr.

Fried salmon with shellfish sauce and boiled potatoes
189 kr.

No reservation is needed for this menu.


Monthly menu

We offer 2-3 course dinner. Call for more information. 036 -64 111.


*Coffee and biscuits included in the price*


3 course dinner 395 SEK excl. drink (choose a dish from each category)
2 course dinner 345 SEK excl. drink (main course and either starter or dessert)
1 main course 255 SEK excl. drink


Food and tables must be reserved in advance

Returns 4th of April 20


Weddings and celebrations

Contact us for more information.

Only for larger groups, at least 20 people.

Food and tables must be reserved in advance.

Wedding and celebration menu 1

Smoked elk with chanterelle cheesecake and lingonberry cream


Vättern's char baked over dill with lobster sauce and citrus braised fennel with seafood and potato terrine with asparagus


Mascarpone strawberry

Wedding and celebration menu 2

Salmon and shrimp sandwich


Fillet of beef with pepper braised root vegetables, truffle sauce and cream oyster mushrooms with potatoes cake


Creme brulle

Wedding and celebration menu 3

Salmon and shrimp cake


Veal fillet with potato and truffle cream, cabbage salad, chanterelles, onions and apple balsamic sauce


Chocolate caramel mousse

Wedding and celebration menu 4

Parma ham with melon salad and truffle dressing


Fillet of venison with apple and thyme chutney, morel sauce, parsnip puree and fondant potatoes


Vanilla parfait with fresh strawberries